Jim Caviezel Testimony (Actor Who Played Jesus in The Passion of the Christ Film)

15 października 2016

Amazing testimony and words of Jim Caviezel, the actor who played Jesus in The Passion of the Christ film, which is the highest grossing R-rated film in history (and rightly so) just like the Holy Bible is the world’s best-selling book (and rightly so). Jim Caviezel is being interviewed by Dave Cooper.

This interview is highly inspiring. He talks about how God's Providence allowed him to suffer several very painful injuries and illnesses when filming which allowed him to participate in and portray Christ's Passion in a deep and real way. He tells about the shocking fact that he was struck by lightning at one point in the production. He gives advice to all Catholics about the seriousness of living the Faith, not trying to "fit in" with our neo-pagan society, and the necessity, joy, and honor of suffering for Jesus Crucified for the salvation of souls. His testimony is amazing and real.

Based on the following event posting, it appears that he did this interview on August 1, 2010: http://www.sdrock.com/events/7175/

If you want to see videos containing all the flashback scenes of The Passion of the Christ with Jim Cavaziel as Jesus along with a great audio reading on top, check out "The Beatitudes Expanded and Explained" here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUOcj1NruQs

Here is a playlist containing the Beatitudes broken up into individual videos as well: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5YQm5CNAWMIT3RiCwBM2-v3suZ0ORPKO

The first feedback I received on it was someone who wrote: “Truly profound and breathtaking!”

Please Note: At one point in his talk, Jim said, “You are all going to Heaven.” A critic might object, “What if there was someone in the audience who hates Christ and will never repent. So is Jim saying that he is going to Heaven too?” Of course such an unrepentant person who hates God chooses Hell with their free will (as Jim said in his talk, “God doesn’t send anyone to Hell, they choose that place”) and Jim’s statement cannot apply to them. So how are we to understand Jim’s sentence? First off, it is obvious from the context that Jim was addressing those among the audience who are of good will who desire to repent, live a virtuous life, and to take the necessary actions to reach Heaven. Furthermore, Jim expanded or qualified this statement later in his talk where he said that “God is asking for more conversion” and he reminded the audience that Heaven or Hell is a choice (on a related topic, he said that those in the production of the movie who were “fence-sitters” with regards to God who claimed they hadn’t made a choice were in reality making a choice by the mere fact that they were fence-sitting). A person chooses Heaven or Hell with their free will and manifests their choice by the way they lead their life and by their actions, words, thoughts, and prayers. One must want Heaven to reach there and to reach it requires effort just like anything worthwhile in the natural world. Our Lord told us in the Gospels that arriving at Heaven requires the person to receive sanctifying grace through baptism (which of course is ordinarily sacramental baptism by water, but in rare cases can include baptism of blood or authentic baptism of desire), repenting of their sins, and living a virtuous life where they preserve this grace. Hence, Jim’s statement must be understood with these qualifiers for his statement to be correct.

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